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We are proud to introduce the deep elite: our loyal brand ambassadors. Each has a unique story to tell, but they are united in their passion for the oceans, diving and our gear. Some have been diving in SCUBAPRO for decades, others for years, but they all have conservation, an appreciation for our products, and a commitment to the diving community in common.

We are thrilled to call them part of the SCUBAPRO family - because deep down, they are the best.

The Deep Elite Team

Sylvia Earle, Peter Hughes, Wyland, Stan Waterman, Paul Wildman, Robert Quintana, Howard & Michele Hall, David Rhea, Michael Lang, Andy & Emma Casagrande, Julie Andersen, Margo Peyton, Cristina Zenato,
Neil Andrea, Stephanie Arne, Caine Delacy


The Deep Elite Team

Sylvia -Earle -Thumbnail The Casagrande's Wyland
Christina Zenato Peter Hughes Julie Andersen
The Hall's David Rhea Neil Andrea
Margo Peyton Paul Wildman Robert Quintana
Michael Lang Stan -Waterman -Thumbnail Stephanie Arne
Caine Delacy Amber & Emily

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